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『全ては子ども達のために!』 BCS is for a sake of Children!
 1. BCSホームーページに記載してある「活動目的」の理解、実践
To understand and implement BCS mission mentioned on our web site.
 2. シンガポールに住む全ての子供達に野球を普及させる。
To promote baseball to all children living in Singapore.
 To welcome local/American children and play together as a team.
 To take care for smooth communication (language) and don't let them feel as a foreigner.
 To understand IBA World Championship/Pan Pacific players condition (50% local)
 3. 勝利に極端に固執しない
Don't stick too much for win
 To play for win and be able to lose graciously. To be well mannered and respect the other team.
 To take care of all children to be able to participate in game/tournament.
Hard in practices, enjoy in games.
 Not require skills what player cannot (never try) perform in practices.
 Do not blame player's mistake during games/tournament. 
Fairness, faithful to the fundamental, positive baseball.
 Do not play to lead the other team mistake.
 Stop cheering once pitcher start throwing.
Priority to Academic. 
 To give priority to School events, institute, English exam, etc.
 To do careful cool down after practice to prepare school from Monday.
7. 安全/健康第一
 To make sure safety during BCS activities (bat swing etc.)
 Enough warm-up, cool-down, catch ball, nos. of throwing to consider children's health.
Date and time of Practice.
 Efficient practice to be conducted (difficult to concentrate in long hours in hot climate)
 Practice date and time to be fixed.
More parents on the field to help coach and activities.
 For a child younger than 10 years old, his father should attend practice together? 
 To inform practice schedule to all parents participating practice and give them some roles.
Annual Schedule
 To make clear Tournaments/events which BCS participate and make suitable annual practice plan. 

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